Rugged Laptops

We pride ourselves on creating the most rugged devices on the market. That’s why whether you are using our hand-held 5.6” devices, designed to be used anywhere, or our top of the range units housing 19” displays suitable for Mission Planning Systems, you can be confident that the same attention to detail and in-depth design process has been applied to every device that leaves our workshop.

Our Laptop range provides you with the perfect option whether you are after a small, medium or large display. They are fully configurable inside and out with connectors and interfaces custom built to suit individual projects and meet specific requirements no matter the environment you need it for.

Every one of our Rugged Laptops is qualified to the most stringent Military and Defence standards for both EMC and Environmental. With a selection of our devices capable of operating in ATEX and TEMPEST environments as well as utilising iButton readers and Encrypted Hard Drives you can rest assured that safety and security is our top priority.


Rugged Laptops.


A fully ruggedized 5.6″ Hand-Held Laptop built for harsh environments. The 1510 is lightweight and easily portable, making it the perfect choice for soldiers on the move.

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A fully ruggedized, 13.3” Laptop designed for use in harsh environments. The 1513 can be equipped with removable Hard Drives and Hot-Swap Batteries, keeping you operational for longer.

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A fully ruggedized, 15″ Laptop safe for use in ATEX and TEMPEST environments. The 1590 can be equipped with iButton Readers, removable Hard Drives and up to 5x Mini PCIe cards.

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A fully ruggedized Laptop that can be equipped with either a 17″ or 19″ Display. The 1595 can be fitted with encrypted iButton Readers, up to 5x Mini PCIe cards and is safe for use in both ATEX and TEMPEST environments

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