About GRiD

For the last 30 years, all of us here at GRiD Defence Systems have been striving to provide the defence industry with the most rugged hardware, laptops and tablets that they can get their hands on. We are firm believers that the unique environments the defence industry operates in requires specialised equipment that they can rely on no matter what. It is this belief that keeps us moving forwards with our innovation and working to provide the most rugged and reliable kit that we possibly can.

We don’t do your typical off the shelf products and everything is built to custom order so we can work through each project and get to know your requirements inside and out. All GRiD Rugged Laptops are built to last, our hardware is designed to have a long production life of at least 15 years and support for as long as required.

UK Designed and Built

We’re a UK owned and based company that takes great pride in the kit we build, that’s why all of our Rugged Laptops, tablets and computers are built and put through their paces in our own workshop and then tested to the Nth degree before we let them go anywhere near our customers.

It’s why we can happily say that all of our GRiD products comply with military specifications such as Def Stan 59-411 and MIL-STD-461 for EMC, Def Stan 00-35 and ML-STD-810 for harsh environments and TEMPEST for security.

We like to go further than anyone else when it comes to providing the perfect equipment for the job, that’s why all of our products are fully customisable, no matter the project we can (and will) ensure that our products are purpose-built for your requirements. We provide flexibility in everything that goes into the device such as hardware and internal specs as well as a huge range of military class circular D38999 connectors to integrate with any interface you need it to.

We love to be challenged and have the opportunity to create unique hardware and devices, so if you have a specific requirement for which you cannot find a suitable product on the site let us know and we can get to work creating you a custom and bespoke product through our consultation service.