Rugged 19″ Rackmount PCs

Providing an easy to use management system and user interface for your servers, our 19″ Rackmount PCs are designed to perfectly slot into a standard 19″ Server rack. Built to be long lasting, our rackmount PCs and servers are capable of managing legacy systems and interfaces whilst providing modern performance.

Rugged Rackmount PC.

Tray with GRiDCASE 1590

19″ Rackmount Tray

The 19″ Rackmount Tray allows any of the GRiD Laptops or Rugged Processors to be placed into a 19″ server rack, converting our devices into a rugged EMC compliant Rackmount PC

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A 1U high 19” rackmount PC Server with Intel Core i3 processing power.

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The GRiDCASE 3519 will be launching soon to expand our rackmount PC products with a completely customisable and fully sealed aluminium chassis.

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