GRiD manufacture fully-sealed, Rugged Laptops, Tablets and Servers for use both Above and Below Decks on Submarines, Surface Ships and RIBs. Qualified to DEF STAN 59-411 and MIL-STD-461 for EMC and DEF STAN 00-35 and MIL-STD-461 for Environmental, our product range is resistant to Salt Fog whilst fully Sunlight readable in bright light.

GRiD strive to reduce the through-life cost to customers by preventing obsolescence issues which arise as a result of products failing, no longer being available for purchase or through forced hardware upgrades.

GRiD offer Extended Warranty Contracts for up to 25 years and have dedicated Obsolescence Management Services available to ensure that Hardware is supported for the long-term.  GRiD products are also modularly upgradable should there be a need to revise or update the current system without the need to purchase new hardware.

Unlike commercial-rugged products which are subject to regular revision updates, GRiD are able to provide the exact same configuration of product for at least 10 years after it is first purchased, often for up to 20 years.  This saves not only the qualification and paperwork processes involved in bringing new equipment onto maritime platforms but also the time and money associated with upgrading platform architecture to accept a new device (cabling, mounting brackets etc).

Long-life Parts

The maritime environment requires hardware to be deployed and remain operational for long periods of time, without the ability to service units regularly.

GRiD combat issues associated with obsolescence by only using Embedded Processors to ensure that each product is available in the exact same configuration for a minimum of 10 years.  Unlike the fast-moving commercial market, GRiD do not make changes to products often.  Each product incorporates GRiD custom electronics and industrial components to ensure longevity and supportability for long periods of time.

As GRiD are the OEM for the entire product range, we have full configuration control down to component level.  All internal electronics are designed in-house meaning that we are not reliant on the commercial market for components, mitigating issues associated with obsolescence and allowing the supply and support of products for years after they are purchased.

Sunlight Readability and Dim-to-black

Maritime Environments require two Display features. One is to be Sunlight Readable and the other is to be able to dim-to-black (or off) to allow you to be covert.

GRiD Displays are fully sunlight readable in bright light.  We use high-bright LED Display Panels combined with the option to optically bond the Display Panel to the EMC Window preventing internal reflections of light, increasing sunlight readability.

We write our own Display Firmware allowing us to fully control the backlight and the number of steps between fully on and off which means we can offer both Dim-to-black and a single-press covert option turning all lighting off in an instant. This granularity of Display Brightness control allows for use with NVIS Goggles without the need of having to go down the very expensive NVIS Panel Route which also suffers in Display quality in daytime use.


GRiD products are certified to both Above and Below Decks for EMC and configured to withstand harsh environmental requirements such as Vibration, Shock, Variable Temperature Fluctuations and Salt Fog.

Certifications GRiDCASE 1510

Fully Sealed

The entire GRiD product range is sealed to IP67 and in some cases, certified to IP68.  All the connectors are not only configurable to suit your requirement but form fully sealed connections, protecting the system from water ingress, humidity and dust.

GRiD have been using D38999 Connectors in Maritime environments for over 25 years and have qualified units using these connectors to multiple Def Stan and MIL-STD’s including Rain, Method 506.4, Procedure 1, Rain and Blowing Rain and Salt Fog Corrosion, Method 509.4.

Our products have been used on board ship for 25 years. Often used as an interface for Mapping applications such as WECDIS (Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System) and WAIS (Warship Automatic Information System) and as Terminal’s to display information from the ship’s on-board computers. As well as our compliance to EMC and Environmental standards, it is our long term availability and support that is key to our success on maritime platforms.

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GRiD manufacture a range of rugged military hardware which is configured to suit the needs of individual project demands.

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