Test and Measurement

GRiD manufactures Military Rugged Laptops, Tablets and Servers for use as Test and Measurement Devices for a variety of applications including on the Flight-line, for Munitions, in Vehicles, as Data Loaders and on Maritime platforms.

Our products are fully configurable and have an array of interfaces available as standard but when extra or unique interfaces are required, they have the ability to be expanded upon using multiple expansion or add-in cards. All form factors can be integrated including but not limited to:

By encompassing these cards within the fully sealed chassis of the GRiD Rugged Computer, the customer can have a one box solution. This reduces the size and weight of the overall Test System, the cost of having to deal with multiple suppliers, the logistics overhead and the procurement costs of having multiple Test Boxes.

One Box Solution

GRiD products have more expansion capability than any other Military Computer manufacturer. Expansion Cards, coupled with the ability to install any Connector, allows for a perfect one box solution for all of your Test and Measurement needs. All GRiD products are fully sealed, conductively cooled and contain no moving parts, even when all of the expansion cards are installed.

Bespoke Electronics

It is easy for us to integrate customer own electronics as all of the Mechanical and Electrical Design is carried out by GRiD’s in-house Engineering Team. We work with the customer using Solidworks 3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD) Software to help house customers own PCB’s, Modules or Adaptors whilst still maintaining our fully sealed chassis and Environmental and EMC compliance.

Any Interface

GRiD Hardware supports any interface including both Analogue and Digital, old and new, to support all Test and Measurement applications. Often, when it is thought that an interface is unavailable due to obsolescence, GRiD can still support the legacy interface and prevent redesign of a customer’s mature Test System.

Long Life Product Availability

As Test and Measurement requirements are often low quantity and required sporadically, GRiD products are well suited. We own the design of our products and they are designed to be supported for 15+ years meaning that if you order a product in year 1, in year 10 it is very likely you can purchase the exact same configuration.

We are used as Data Bus Test Equipment, on-board system HMI, HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) for vehicles, aircraft and munitions as well as Data Analysis Tools. We supply the complete solution including the Rugged Computer, Interface Cables, Hard Transport Case and Qualification Reports where required.

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GRiD manufacture a range of rugged military hardware which is configured to suit the needs of individual project demands.

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