Rugged Accessories

Our wide range of Rugged Accessories perfectly compliment our Rugged devices and provide the most effective way to complete your comprehensive Rugged system.

Whether you are looking for better ways to transport your devices to keep them safe and minimise the risk of accidental damage or whether you simply need to expand upon the functionality of GRiD Rugged tech with external equipment you can rest assured knowing that our Rugged Accessories are designed with quality and adaptability in mind.

Rugged Accessories.

Custom Hard Transit Case

The Hard Transit Case is available in a range of colours and comes with a 2-layered, tailored foam liner that is cut and tailored to fit the products perfectly.

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Customised Soft Carry Cases

Our customised carry cases are built and shaped to securely fit whatever configuration of GRiD product you choose.

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Rugged 4-Bay Battery Charger

The GRiD 4-Bay Battery Charger charges up to four batteries simultaneously.

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Rugged AC Power Supply

Our Rugged Power Cable can be used via either a MIL-Spec or standard connector, giving you the option to choose depending on your requirements.

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Weatherproof Mouse

The Weatherproof AquaPoint® Mouse features a sealed industrial silicone overlay and robust polycarbonate frame.

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Rugged MIL-Spec Cables

Our Rugged Cables can be configured to required specifications to suit the needs of individual projects.

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Rugged External Keyboard

Our Rugged External Keyboard is fully sealed and designed to survive the harshest environments. It can be configured to required specifications to suit the needs of individual projects by selecting the exact connector you require to easily integrate into new and existing systems.

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