GRiD Defence Systems

Here at GRiD, we manufacture a range of rugged military hardware which is configured to suit the needs of individual project demands. Each product is tailored to the application using military-grade connectors and incorporating unique interfaces which are essential for the defence and avionics world. We integrate with both new and established systems providing solutions with long-term support.

Please speak to us directly about specific requirements, configurations and unique interfaces to find out how we can help.


Our Products


Our fully rugged Laptop range starts from a 5.6” Display and goes all the way up to a 19” Display to suit multiple applications.

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Our fully rugged Tablets range from 5.6” hand-held Displays to 15” devices suitable for mounting in the vehicle, cockpit or control room.

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Our fully rugged Processors provide robust processing capability within a fully sealed aluminium chassis suitable for TEMPEST Environments.

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Powerful Rackmount PCs and Servers capable of fitting into 1U of a 19″ Rack. Built to provide easy integration with legacy platforms.

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What we do

GRiD Defence Systems comprises a team of engineers with extensive knowledge in the design and manufacture of military hardware.  All of our products are built to survive the harshest environments whilst maintaining quiet EMC profiles and full environmental qualification.  Each product is configurable and is tailored to include the connectors, interfaces and expansion cards required to suit each individual customer specification.  This MOTS (Modified Off the Shelf) approach allows our hardware to be integrated onto both new and established platforms without the need for bulky expansion boxes or unnecessary additional peripherals.

We believe that the most successful hardware solutions are born from a close, open relationship with our customers.  Our consultative approach allows for continued input from customers from the start of the project until product delivery.

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Who we work with

Our Applications


Fully-sealed, Rugged Laptops, Tablets and Servers for use both above and below decks. Our products are widely used across varying Maritime platforms for Charting and Engine Management Systems, Common Combat Ballast Diagnostic and User Terminals, Tornado Defence Fault Finders, Mission Planning, Situational Awareness and Main Displays.

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ATEX and TEMPEST Rugged Laptops, Tablets and Servers for use on the flight-line and in-air applications. Utilising 1553, ARINC 425 or STANAG 3910 Databus’ and completely configurable peripherals our products provide a fully qualified, direct link to any aircraft.

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Portable, man-worn Rugged Hardware for use in the deployed environment. We manufacture hand-held Computers and Tablets with low EMC profiles to run Situational Awareness, Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Targeting and Force Protection applications.

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Test and Measurement

Rugged Test and Measurement Computers with the ability to integrate multiple Expansion Cards. All housed within a fully sealed single chassis and wired to your choice of rugged connectors on the rear panel of the Computer.

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Fully-sealed, qualified, Rugged Laptops, Tablets and Servers for in-vehicle and quick-deploy applications. Designed with no moving parts, our lightweight Tablets and Laptops include quick release connectors and are easily dismountable, making them perfect for use within and on the outside of vehicles.

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Our Accreditations

“The context of the organization is well defined; leadership has been effectively demonstrated and commitment levels are evident.

This is reflected in the levels of compliance with requirements and operational controls evident at the organization during the audit process. There are effective links between the company’s policy for quality, the objectives set and the processes used to provide conforming products to its customers and their end-users.

As sampled today, documented information was available during the audit to confirm that the QMS is well implemented and conformity to customer and end-user requirement confirmed. There are effective controls in place to ensure that these requirements are translated accurately to those assembling and testing the company’s range of rugged computers. Traceability within the system elements viewed is excellent. Discrete elements of the QMS work well together.”

NQA, External Auditor

Our Accreditations