1U 19” Rackmount PC

A 1U high 19” Rackmount PC Server with Intel Core i3 processing power.

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Designed to fit perfectly within server stacks the GRiDCASE 9161U is a rackmount PC capable of being completely configurable both front and back to fit within any existing system setup and meet individual project requirements.

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Extensive Expansion

The GRiDCASE 9161U supports 2 x PCI Expansion Cards allowing you to include the specific interfaces you require, giving you the flexibility to interact with multiple interfaces from a single device. With enhanced capabilities provided from multiple expansion slots the GRiDCASE 9161U provides an all in one solution for any project.

Easily Mountable

The adaptability of the GRiDCASE 9161U allows it to be mounted anywhere with ease. Whether that be in a standard 19″ Server Rack, naval vessel, aircraft or passenger vehicle. The GRiDCASE 9161U is only 1U high letting it easily slot into any space it needs to.

Legacy Interfaces

Operating in unique environments, with even more unique project requirements requires a device that can deliver powerful, up-to-date performance whilst providing legacy interfaces to allow for integration into existing solutions. Powered by an Intel® processor but with a PCI Bus, the GRiDCASE 9161U provides modern capability with legacy interfaces in a small, portable device. Capability for 2 x 2.5” removable SSDs ensures that your device will offer you a high level of responsiveness and minimal downtime.

Completely Configurable

Ensuring that any device you are using can easily interact with pre-existing hardware and software is key to having a cohesive solution for your project. The GRiDCASE 9161U makes this easy with fully configurable front and rear panels that can be altered on a specific project basis and are designed to handle any interface you need them to, ensuring that the GRiDCASE 9161U fits seamlessly into your current solution.

Technical Specifications.


Intel Core i3

Operating System
Operating System

Microsoft Windows


Up to 16GB RAM


Up to 2 x 2.5” Removable SSDs

For the full technical specification of the GRiDCASE 9161U please download the datasheet.

Download GRiDCASE 9161U Datasheet

Product gallery.

  • GRiD 9161U Front View
  • GRiD 9161U Left Side View
  • GRiD 9161U Right Side View
  • GRiD 9161U Rear View

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GRiD manufacture a range of rugged military hardware which is configured to suit the needs of individual project demands.

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