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How much do your devices cost?

All of our products are built to custom specifications, so the cost of each device varies with the specific configuration required. Please contact us for a ROM (Rough Order of Magnitude) Price if required.

What warranty is available on your products?

All of our products come with a 12-month warranty as standard which is extendable for up to 20 years.

What is your product lead time?

The lead times for our products depend on specific product configurations and complexity of your project requirements. All of our products are built to order so for more accurate timescales, please contact us with your requirements.

Can your products be customised?

Yes, all GRiD products can be configured with custom interfaces and connectors to fit each individual project. We can also integrate PCIe Cards and custom electronics to provide a one-box solution.

Do GRiD supply accessories and peripherals?

GRiD have a number of off–the-shelf accessories such as Hard Transport Cases, Soft Carry Cases and Rugged Mice. Our in-house design team also allows us to build bespoke cables and mounting brackets to suit project requirements. For any bespoke work please contact us directly.


What EMC and Environmental standards are your products qualified to?

Through more than 30 years of testing, we have qualified our products to a number of EMC and Environmental standards including Defence, Military, BS, CE and Aircraft Standards. For specific standards relevant to each product please contact us directly.

Where can we download the latest drivers for your products?

Please contact us directly for the most recent drivers specific to your custom specification.

Can you support legacy interfaces?

Yes, GRiD products are designed to incorporate any interface so are able to support legacy interfaces such as serial communications like RS232, RS422 as well as older Display interfaces such as VGA. We are able to support these as well as all of the latest interfaces such as USB 3.0 and Display Port.

What type of batteries are in your products?

The Main System Battery in our Laptops and Tablets use Lithium-Ion Technology and are under 100Wh (most are 98Wh). Our products are safe to ship with these batteries installed.


Do you sell to private individuals?

Unfortunately not. Our products are built for the Defence and Aerospace Industry and not suitable for private individuals.

Are there any export controls?

There are no export controls on our products. They are shipped as commercial computers. In addition, all of our products are ITAR free. We follow guidance from the UK Government. Their export restrictions can be found here

Which countries do you sell to?

We sell internationally, either directly or through local partners. Please contact us directly and we will help directly or where appropriate, put you in touch with a local representative. We follow all current UK government export controls when selling internationally.

Do you supply Certificates of Conformities (CofCs) and Declarations of Conformities (DofCs)?

Yes, a CofC is supplied with every delivery and a DofC is available upon request. For more information please contact us directly.

We have old GRiD products, do you still support these and can we update them?

Yes, we are able to provide support for our products for the life of your project. We also provide an active maintenance service and the option to store spare parts on-site to ensure that the exact same parts are used should any repairs be required. Having said that, we do have our limits! GRiD started building Laptops in the early 80s and we can only support products from 1993 onwards (when we incorporated in the UK).

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