GRiD manufacture ATEX and TEMPEST Rugged Laptops, Tablets and Servers for use on the flight-line and in-air applications. GRiD products are fully configurable and designed to include external peripherals within the main body of the unit, such as Fibre Optic and Media Converters, Ethernet Switches and even customer’s own bespoke electronics.  By encompassing external peripherals within the main body of the hardware, the overall risk for potential FOD, damage and Radiated Emissions is greatly reduced as well as significantly reducing logistics overhead. GRiD products are able to connect directly to aircraft via the 1553, ARINC 429 or STANAG 3910 Bus and contain multiple expansion slots for custom cards and electronics. They are also able to integrate the AC/DC Avionics Power Supply and contain all the necessary filtering required to comply with MIL-STD-704, enabling the Hardware to plug directly into the aircraft without the need for a power supply in-between.

ATEX Clearance

A variety of GRiD products are cleared for use in a Zone 2, Category 3 ATEX environment.  This makes them ideal for applications on the flight-line and those which interface with the Aircraft directly.

All GRiD products are fully sealed, conductively cooled and contain no moving parts.  This allows for operation in Explosive Atmosphere Zones which must be protected from sources of ignition.

Mission Planning

The large Display options offered by GRiD not only allow users to easily view mission data but also increases the precision of user interaction and data input. GRiDCASE Rugged Laptops incorporate large Displays including 15”, 17” and 19” variables with different resolution options.  There is also the option for Resistive Touchscreen Displays in these sizes.

Avionics 1553 Bus and ARINC 429

GRiD Hardware is perfectly suited for use as Ground Support Equipment (GSE) and can interface directly with Aircraft via common Avionics busses such ARINC 429, 1553 or Ethernet.  GRiD products contain multiple expansion slots to incorporate a range of card form factors such as PCI, PCIe, PCI-104 and Mini PCie and have the real estate to integrate external peripherals within the chassis’ to reduce the amount of external cabling required.

As GRiD design the products from the ground up, we are able to offer a “single box solution,” consolidating bulky, external hardware into one sealed, rugged product.

Support Legacy Platforms

GRiD products are used on a large number of Test and Measurement applications as they can accept various cards such as those from National Instruments.  A range of our products are also approved for use on the flight-line and can be connected directly to aircraft for data analysis and the testing of systems such as the 1553 Data Bus.

GRiD products support a large variety of expansion options including older interfaces such as PCI and PCI-104.  Customers can therefore continue to support legacy platforms without the need to upgrade the existing system architecture.

Advanced internal filtering allows GRiD products to plug directly into the Aircraft Power Supply (meeting MIL-STD-704) so that maintenance tasks can be undertaken, alongside platform analytics and data transfer which can be carried out by a GRiD computer directly.

We are also used as Data Bus Test Equipment, Mission Planning Systems, Data Loaders and Systems Analysis Tools. We supply the complete solution for any Avionics Ground Support Equipment application including the Computer, Cabling, Peripherals and Hard Transport Case.

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GRiD manufacture a range of rugged military hardware which is configured to suit the needs of individual project demands.

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