GRiD in 1000 Most Inspiring Companies

GRiD in 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2015

In this landmark business report, the London Stock Exchange has identified 1,000 of the UK's most notable small and medium-sized enterprises - GRiD Defence Systems being one of them. The Telegraph highlights some of the standout businesses from the report – all shining examples of great British SMEs

GRiDCASE 1590 with PCI Card Expansion

The GRiDCASE 1590 is now available with an internal PCI Slot allowing for the installation of any 32-bit PCI Card whilst maintaining the EMC and Environmental sealing of the unit.

This allows for non-commercial interfaces such as 1553 bus, STANAG 3910, ARINC 429 and Can bus to be installed within the unit but brought out on Military Connectors.

If there is a particular 32-bit PCI Card you would like to install in a fully sealed military laptop, please let us know.

GRiD Produce IP68 Hand Held Laptop

GRiD Defence Systems have certified the GRiDCASE 1510 to IP68 and Defence Standard 00-35 Test CL29 - Immersion to over 1 metre.

The GRiDCASE 1510 is a clamshell Hand Held PC and includes a hot swappable removable battery which allows for continuous use. The 1510 has a high resolution 5.6" display, full QWERTY keyboard, runs Windows XP or Windows 7 and weighs under 0.9kg.