GRiD’s 2023 Roundup

This year has been an important one for GRiD, as we’ve secured new contracts, delivered on existing ones, and remarkably, it was the year we turned 30!
With another great year nearly under our belts, we take a look back at the highlights of 2023 and prepare for what will no doubt be a busy 2024.

GRiD’s Wins

Over 2023, GRiD has received number of new contract awards from customers. While some we are unable to disclose, those that we can include: the supply of a large quantity of ground terminals for a radar application for a NATO country; plus additional contract awards from Thales for the GRiDCASE 2507 Data Entry Device (DED) for the Lightweight Multiple Launcher (LML) System used by the UK Ministry of Defence.

Read our case study on the LML here:

An agreement to continue to supply and support the GRiDCASE 1590 for use as an in-flight computer for a widely used military transport aircraft was also awarded this year. GRiD has supplied this product for 18 years and will continue to do so for the next 18 years and even longer – a testament to our ability to support our military customers for the life of programmes.

GRiD turned 30

This year was a milestone one for GRiD Defence Systems as we celebrated our 30th birthday in September! We have a rich history adorned with many significant achievements, we are even credited with pioneering the ‘clamshell’ laptop design that you know and use today.

Our predecessor, GRiD Systems Corporation was founded in 1979 by John Ellenby, and the company pioneered the clamshell design (the screen folds against the keyboard) that has become synonymous with laptops today.

This became the GRiD Compass 1101 that was introduced to the market in 1982, and it even went on to be used onboard NASA’s Space Shuttle spacecraft throughout the 1980s!

GRiD Defence Systems was then established in 1993, initially as a distributor but then as a designer and manufacturer of computers.

Now, 30 years later, GRiD has become synonymous with rugged computing design, and continues to work with customers and partners worldwide to ensure that we design and deliver best-in-class rugged computers that meet customer requirements.

Read more about our history here:

AIMing high

As mentioned above, relationships with our partners are key, and we pride ourselves on being a trusted supplier to industry and governments alike.

In a case study released this year, we looked at the work we carry out with AIM, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance test and simulation modules. AIM sought military-specification rugged computers that would integrate its data bus test modules for military avionics testing, and selected GRiD to provide its 19-inch GRiDCASE 1595 rugged laptop.

AIM and GRiD deliver a fully qualified, integrated data bus testing solution that interfaces directly with onboard systems, something that is unique in the market.

The two companies have now been teaming for over a decade to deliver reliable, high-standard avionics test equipment for aircraft and weapons systems.

Read the case study here:

And watch out for more case studies to come over 2024 that highlight our great industry and government partnerships!

Staying ahead of requirements

At GRiD we pride ourselves on staying up to date with emerging customer requirements and are available to help with a range of needs, including accommodating bespoke requests.

To help inform our customers on rugged computing features and considerations, this year’s blogs have included guides on military processors, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliance, and simplifying mid-life upgrades (MLU) for defence programmes.

But if you are struggling to know where to start with your rugged computing requirements and are not quite sure what a ‘rugged’ computer even is, do not worry, help is at hand.

We’ve put together two handy buyer’s guides to rugged computing to help you on your way: and

These cover what ruggedisation actually is, and the environmental testing standards that determine if a system meets ruggedisation requirements, including MIL-STD-810 and Def Stan 00-35, as well as Ingress Protection (IP) ratings, which are standards for dust and water protection.

Additionally, we have also put together a guide on tablets vs laptops, which will help you determine which is the most suitable for your requirements.

Looking towards 2024

As we finish the year on a high, we enter 2024 excited about what the new year will bring.

GRiD continues to stay ahead of the industry requirements for military-spec computers, working with customers to ensure that they receive a computer or tablet that meets their exact requirements.

As ever, we are on hand to help with any requirements you may have, so please get in touch to discuss them with our team on +44 (0)1628 810 230 or drop an email to

The GRiD team wishes you all a very happy new year! See you in 2024!