What a Difference a Few Hundred Nits Makes

With a company ethos that promotes constant improvement, we are constantly looking for new technologies and opportunities to deliver higher quality products with increased functionality.

We’ve always been proud of the displays we use in our devices. We spend a lot of time and resources to ensure that they are the best possible displays we can provide, using the best technology available. We test every component we put into our display assemblies, then test them all again to ensure that it wasn’t just a fluke.

Our testing is pretty rigorous and rightly so, considering that we need to make sure that any new technology we use maintains our compliance to the array of Military and Defence Standards for Environmental and EMC we qualify our products to. So, when we make changes or incorporate new technologies, it’s a pretty big deal.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that, thanks to new technology becoming readily available, our High Bright, Sunlight Readable Displays have been given a big ‘Nits’ boost and new Bonding Technology. For those not in the know, a ‘Nit’ is the standard unit of luminance that light sources give out and dictates how bright that light source is. With displays for laptops and mobile devices usually ranging between 200-300 Nits and anything above 500 Nits regarded as ‘extremely good’.

Our new High Bright Display produces 1,600 Nits, making it the most powerful display we have been able to incorporate into our devices to date. This increase of 600 Nits from our previous Sunlight Readable Displays that were outputting an immense 1,000 Nits (double what an ‘extremely good’ display is capable of) provides us with even more functionality and useability when our devices are taken into the harsh environments that they’re designed for.

The below images were taken in direct sunlight in what would generally be seen as the ‘worst possible conditions’ to read the display. The 1,000 Nit display on the left, showing that even in the worst conditions it is easily readable and our new 1,600 Nit Bonded Display showing the power that comes with a 600 Nit increase to brightness capabilities.

Comparison of 1,000 Nit Display vs 1,600 Nit Display

GRiDCASE 2515 with both 1,000 and 1,600 Nit Sunlight Readable, High Bright Displays


The increased sunlight readability makes the Optically Bonded display the perfect option when you need a portable device without having to worry about harsh glare from the sun or reflections from water limiting your visibility.

The High Bright display is one of many features on the GRiDCASE 2515 that makes it an easy choice for use in harsh environments. See for yourself here or get in touch with one of our team at sales@griduk.com and they will happily help you out.