The Difference Between Resistive vs Capacitive Touchscreens

Can They Be Used With Gloves?

Resistive vs Capacitive Touchscreens: How suitable are they for Military applications?

With our devices being used all over the world and often in quite extreme environments it is crucial that they will work properly no matter the situation. This includes making sure that our Laptops and Tablets can’t just be used with an open hand but with gloves and all manner of other objects too.

The enhanced useability and freedom of interaction that can be achieved is another reason why we opt for Resistive Touchscreen technology across all of our devices over the Capacitive version commonly seen in more commercial touchscreens.

To show how both versions work with, and react to, gloves and other objects, we put the GRiDCASE 2507, a 7″ tablet with a 10-Point Multi-Touch Resistive Touchscreen through some tests alongside a touchscreen device utilising the more common capacitive technology.


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