The GRiDCASE 1510 EXP fits 2.5" Drive

The GRiDCASE 1510 EXP fits 2.5" Drive

The GRiDCASE 1510 is now available with an extended base to allow for the installation of a 2.5" Solid State Drive.

The maximum storage capacity is increased to 1TB for loading vast amounts of information like mapping data. 

The drive is removable so that drives can be stored away for security purposes or removed when maintenance is required.

This capability also means the GRiDCASE 1510 is now compatible with ViaSat Eclypt Drives for when encryption is required.


GRiD 9161U replaces GRiD 9151U

GRiD 9161U replaces GRiD 9151U

The GRiD 9151U 19" 1U Rackmount Processor has been replaced by the GRiD 9161U.

The GRiD 9161U includes the latest Intel® Core™ Processors which includes the option of PCI Cards or PCI Express Cards for expansion.

As with all GRiD products, the front and rear panel of the product is fully configurable by the user. Whether it is the interfaces required, connector types or type of storage media, GRiD can deliver the exact configuration for you.

We have also moved to a full Stainless Steel chassis benefiting from additional strength, chemical and corrosion resistance and resistance to heat damage as well as an even lower magnetic signature.

Please contact us directly for more information.

GRiD in 1000 Most Inspiring Companies

GRiD in 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2015

In this landmark business report, the London Stock Exchange has identified 1,000 of the UK's most notable small and medium-sized enterprises - GRiD Defence Systems being one of them. The Telegraph highlights some of the standout businesses from the report – all shining examples of great British SMEs