GRiD Joins The Defence Digital Code of Practice

Defence Digital Code of Practice


The Defence Industry can often be a complicated industry to operate in with strict rules and regulations that, although necessary, can create challenging working environments. That’s why we’re committed to being as open as possible with the way in which we work.

We are very proud to have joined the Defence Digital and techUK Collaboration Code of Practice. A collaboration between companies working and operating within the Defence Industry as well as partners within the UK Ministry of Defence to make doing business together a lot easier.

One of our core goals has always been to make it as easy as possible to work with us. It’s not only one of the main driving forces behind our product development (and the reason why we offer customisation options for all of our interfaces and connectors in our products) but also part of the culture that envelops GRiD, from our product engineers to our sales teams and everyone in between.

That’s why joining a number of other incredible companies as part of the Digital Defence Code of Practice was an easy decision for us. You can read all about the collaboration and what it aims to achieve here.


TechUK Digital Defence Code of Practice