GRiD continue to support Tornado GR4


GRiD supply Ground Support Equipment to the Tornado GR4, a two-seat, all-weather, day/night attack and reconnaissance aircraft. GRiD recently received a contract to supply new GRiDCASE 1590 Laptops to the RAF in an effort to continue to support Tornado.

The GRiDCASE 1590 15″ Rugged Laptop includes Mil-Spec D38999 Series III connectors to interface directly with aircraft. The internal electronics include enhanced filtering, power protection and a very low EMC profile, making a direct connection with the aircraft possible. Another attribute of the GRiDCASE 1590 is that it is ATEX Certified for use in explosive atmospheres allowing it to be used for flight line applications.

The unique advantage of GRiD is that the entire product range is configurable and can therefore be tailored to specific projects. This permits the customer to specify the exact connectors and interfaces required for the application whilst maintaining the very low EMC profile and full environmental sealing.

GRiD Defence Systems look forward to supporting the Tornado until the end of its long and successful career in the RAF.

GRiD laptops are widely used throughout the RAF as Ground Support Equipment for many applications on the Tornado, Hawk and Typhoon.

For more information on the GRiDCASE 1590 or any other GRiD products please contact us by Phone:+44 (0)1628 810230 or by

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