GRiD Defence Systems have been providing military laptops and computers to the armed forces for 20 years.

GRiD Defence Systems is a UK owned and based company that designs and builds Rugged Laptops and Rugged TEMPEST PC Computers for the Military and parts of industry that are operating in harsh environments. All of our Rugged Laptops, Tablets and Servers are designed to comply with Military Specifications such as Def Stan 59-411 (MIL-STD-461) for EMC, Def Stan 00-35 (MIL-STD-810) for harsh environments and TEMPEST for security.

A high degree of flexibility is designed into all GRiD products to allow for customization of the system to fully meet customer requirements. GRiD are able through this flexibility to integrate a wide range of interfaces such as RS232/422/485, Ethernet, USB 2.0, 1394, 1553, Composite Video, Digital I/O and analogue.

There are a range of Intel Processors within GRiD Rugged PC's which allow GRiD to offer highly integrated custom manufactured hardware packages capable of running under operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Linux.

All GRiD Rugged Laptops are designed to have a long production life of at least 5 years with support for at least 10 years. If you have a specific requirement for which you cannot find a suitable product on this site please contact us as we do offer a full range of custom and bespoke product design services. Our main strength is to offer a consultative service where we will design the product to meet your needs.

Our Objectives

GRiD Defence Systems' aim is to provide reliabile military computers that are supportable for over 10 years.

To supply Military Tablets, Laptops and Servers to the armed forces.

To enable our customers to work with GRiD on the specification of the computer to enable our customers to easliy integrate the products into their existing systems.

To provide support to our customers for over 10 years to allow them to use our products reliably for long periods of time.

To reduce through life cost to our customers by preventing obsolescence issues forcing hardware upgrades. GRiD only use Intel embedded products and design all of the product themselves with a focus on obsolescence management.