GRiD laptops and tablets star in new movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This year’s blockbuster “Fallen Kingdom” is the newest instalment in the Jurassic World franchise and sees the return of some well-known dinosaurs rampaging for freedom once again.

As GRiD’s range of laptops and tablets are the most rugged on the market, it seemed only fitting that this was put to the test by the infamous Tyrannosaurus rex.

GRiD was selected as the rugged hardware supplier for the movie, chosen over a variety of other military hardware manufacturers and were invited on set to consult.  The GRiD product portfolio was deemed the most robust and was therefore capable of surviving the Jurassic environment.

All GRiD laptops and tablets are fully sealed and machined out of high precision, solid aluminium. This results in increased product strength, durability and EMC performance. 

The GRiDCASE 2530 rugged tablet features heavily in the opening scenes in which a man, running for his life drops the tablet to the ground before it is crushed by a 9 Ton T-Rex.  The dinosaur continues charging forward revealing the tablet (albeit a little dented) powered on and working perfectly.  The question now remains, what can’t the GRiDCASE 2530 survive?

Keep your eyes peeled for the GRiD logo which appears on other occasions throughout the movie where the GRiDCASE 1590 rugged 15” laptop also makes a cameo.