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GRiD supply large scale Naval programmes which require long-term support and hardware flexibility.  Programmes currently supported by GRiD include Trafalgar, Vanguard, Astute, Type 45, Type 23 and QEC.

The GRiD product range is designed with no moving parts and sealed to a minimum of IP67 and IP68 in some cases.  Selected products have been tested to comply with Above and Below decks for EMC and configured to withstand harsh environmental requirements such as Vibration, Variable Temperature fluctuations and Salt Fog.

GRiD use Embedded Processors to ensure that each product is available in the same form factor for a minimum of 10 years as well as offering 10 years extended warranty on the entire product range.

Naval applications include, but are not limited to the following:

- Console Display

- User Terminal

- Charting System

- Message Handling System

- Engineer Management Tool

- Ballast Diagnostic Terminal

- Fault Finder

- Data Acquisition Equipment

- Command Control System